Roger is a Senior Marine Surveyor with 48 years experience serving the maritime and shipping industries including running three offices as a Lloyds Agent.

Roger is a Master Mariner with expertise in cargo losses with an emphasis  on commodities including perishables, steel, loading and discharge including heavy lift cargoes and bulk goods. Roger has been called on numerous occasions as an expert witness and is a non-lawyer member of the Maritime Law Association.


  • General Cargo: Expert
  • Packaging: Expert
  • Security & Theft: Proficient
  • Loading/Stowage & Discharge: Expert
  • Heavy Lifts: Proficient
  • Trip in tow/Barge Movement: Proficient
  • Marine Liability: Proficient
  • Hull & Machinery: Proficient
  • P&I Investigation (claims): Proficient
  • Yachts: Proficient
  • Warehouse risk assessments: Proficient


  • Day Rate: Dry Cargo $950 / H&M $1,300
  • Hourly Rate: Dry Cargo $95/H&M $125